First Blog Post! Welcome To My Little Slice Of Paradise <3

It’s 3:25am. I’m awake. Not because my Baby is in need of anything. We’ve actually been blessed with a baby that’s been sleeping a good 6-8 hours since around two months. I’m awake because. Just because.

I realized that I hadn’t written my “first blog post” and it was bothering me that I couldn’t figure out how to just delete it so I’m being OCD and filling it.

I can hear my husband snore from the living room through closed doors…

I wrote a parody of my current situation:

“Hello, futon, my old friend. I’ve come to sleep on you again. Because my husband’s loud, disturbing breathing is impeding my sleeping. And the noise that has reverberated in my brain, still remains…I seek the sound of silence… 😴🛋🛌“

Check out the blog post after this one for the true first blog post. Thanks for staying up with me 😘😘

More scrunchymomz adventures, personal stories, tips and tricks, and some fun DIY/upcycles to come! Talk soon!

Stock photo that came with the blog. I would change it but I need sleep plz pray for me 😪